Terms Of Use And Privacy Policy

This page aims to describe the terms of use and confidentiality rules applicable to the navigation on jycurien.fr website as of .

Intellectual Property

All the articles published on this site remain the sole intellectual property of Mr Jean-Yves Curien.

They may not be copied or shared without crediting the author.

This site also provides links to external websites.

The navigation to these websites or the sharing of these links is subject to acceptance of the privacy policies of said sites.

🍪 Cookies Policy

This site does not use any cookie.

This site only stores your preference between light and dark mode in the client browser via localstorage.

Collection of personal information

This site does not collect any personal data such as the user's name or address.

Sharing of personal information

This site does not share any personal data.

Pictures Credits

Most of the pictures on this site were generated by AI such as Dall-E or Stable Diffusion.

Evolution of the privacy policy

This privacy policy is subject to change if new features are added to the site.

In this case this page will be updated accordingly as well as the new date of applicability.